1. Phil Hardaker says:

    Hi Dave!
    Congratulations on your website. I have been following Marginal Boundaries for a few months and really like Mr Anderson’s enthusiasm, information, and support of nomads and retirees. I am approaching retirement years, not ready to move yet, but have been doing internet research. I have been more focused on SE Asia, didn’t even consider Yucatan until I came across MB.

    Some feedback: your plan of managing and finding rentals and real estate is an awesome idea. There are so many sharks on the internet that you cannot trust, the second you see their website. By basing your business on a humble blog that includes personal stories, that will increase people’s trust. But I don’t see any housing info yet, why? I suggest as a minimum a widget that says ‘Contact me about rentals/etc in …’. You are already starting to market with this $500 contest, already people are coming to your site. Also everyone would be interested in general articles about housing: where, what, how much, pictures. Even before you have business contracts, you can set yourself up as an expert. Like, you have written about going for drives to nearby towns, you can start adding ‘here are what typical houses look like’ in neighborhoods for both locals and expats. If you look at any American realtor agents website, they will have lots of community info too. Maybe you could hire a Mexican personal assistant inexpensively to translate newspapers and RE notices for you, that you could post. I have never seen anyone do something like that in any country!

    Oh well, good luck, I’ll be lurking!

    • David Meier says:


      Thanks for all the advice. Yes, we saw this as a niche that has a possibility of flourishing too.. With that said, we are planning some site improvements along the lines you wrote about. We’re working on partnering with a local website owner to get a site up and running with more particulars about property as we speak. So I invite your lurking and wish you the best on the contest.

      The Nomadic Retiree

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