Cabin fever today! After an all day rain yesterday, I’ve got to bust out of this casita and do something! I’ve been wanting to go to Xpu Ha beach for some time, but every time I tried I’d end up at a private, no public allowed resort. That is one thing about the Riviera Maya, it is not readily apparent where the public access points are for the beaches. I only know by virtue of making multiple mistakes of trying to gain access and the last time was given some explicit directions (in English). So I’ll be looking for the sign for “La Playa” (The beach). Once I found it, I noticed that I had to pass through a gate marked private property and I’m thinking here we go again. But this time, no one stopped me and I did notice a sign at the end of the potholed road which said visitors were required to use the restaurant facilities in order to use the amenities. So I guess this is really not public access but more private but tolerate the public as long as they buy something at the restaurant. When I did finally get to the beach side it was spectacular so I did sit down at a table and ordered a beer. No water ; )

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This beach had a lot of activities going on. Wind surfing, Kite board surfing, a boat to take scuba divers out and jet skis besides snorkeling. Stayed with what I know best.

beach, Yucatan, travel, Mexico

It looked like a great snorkeling area so I took a chance and got the mask and fins from the batmobile to give it a try. Turned out that while I didn’t see any sea turtles, I was able to see quite a few fish mostly around the rock formations on the bottom. The snorkeling was good and without a crowd. Only had one other snorkeler in the area. After getting back on the beach, I decided to walk the entire cove just to see what all was there. While there were several resorts on this cove, there were also some abandoned and vacant property. It looked like one new development was starting. Some of the abandoned properties looked like they had been that way for some time, perhaps as a result of their last hurricane. I did find a rather interesting place that looked like someone was trying to turn the place into a piece of art.

beach house, Yucatan, Riviera Maya

Found a sand dog along the way.

sand dog, beach, Yucatan, Riviera Maya

This tree had the most brilliant red leaves on it.

tree, travel, Yucatan, Riviera Maya

End of the cove.

Cove, travel, Yucatan

After walking the cove, I decided to do a little swinging before heading back to the Rancho.

Mexican beach bar, Yucatan, Riviera Maya

Ended the day with a soak in the pool at the Rancho. Felt good to not be confined to the casita because of rain.

Quedarse ileso mi Amigos!

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