What a beginning to the day! I was awakened at 6:30 am by one of the strangest sounds coming just outside the casita. I rushed to get a t-shirt on and sandals to see what was making this honk then call. To my surprise, I had been graced by a visit from a Mexican turkey, I mean a peacock. I had recently seen some of these in St. Augustine at the Fountain of Youth, but they never made any noises I can remember. Anyway I chased that damn thing all over trying to get a decent photo. He just wasn’t having any of it!
peacock, travel, expat, Yucatan
peacock, Yucatan, travel
peacock, travel, Yucatan
I am not able to post the recording sound of this thing doing it’s honk call, but if you send me a request in the comments, I’ll forward it to you so you’ll get the pleasure of hearing this most unusual call.

It finally jumped over the fence and went on it’s way. I now know why people consider these birds a nuisance. They are very loud and the honk then call they make is a distraction. I went inside for a few minutes try to wake up still and I then hear someone play some kind of tune on a car horn. I initially ignored it, then decided I better check it out since I was expecting the propane gas deliver truck that day. I ran out of propane and couldn’t get a delivery until the next day. Needless to say I didn’t have a warm meal for dinner and a cold shower yesterday. Sure enough it was the delivery guys, so I opened the gate and let them in and pointed in the direction of the empty tank. They had it changed out in 5 minutes or less at a cost of $369.36 pesos (about $28.91 US) for a 30 KGS tank. I think the tank was only a quarter full when I arrived. I went into the casita and checked to see if the stove was working and it was. Then I remembered that the pilot needed to be re-lite on the hot water tank. Now luck! I tried everything and could not get it to light. To top it off, the property manager can’t be contacted until Monday. More cold showers!

Today’s weather was only in the 70’s with wind gust of 20 to 30 mph. No rain just windy. Made doing anything outside difficult so I elected to stay inside most of the day reading, writing, and a little siesta thrown in for good measure.

A couple of things that I would never see in the states that I’ve seen here in Mexico are; a garbage truck running down the road in the dark at 65 MPH with two guys sitting on top hanging on for dear life I would expect. The truck cab must have been full of passengers, I guess. Then, a semi (tractor/trailer) towing a tractor behind the trailer with a tire and web rope used as a hitch. He was doing 50 MPH. Thought it was ingenious but I had visions of it cutting loose and going all over the road. Needless to say, I passed him quickly and got down the road a ways.

Yesterday, I had lunch in Tulum at what seem very authentic Mexican restaurant. I ordered a plate of tacos, which I might add, I have yet to have bad taco meal here. They are excellent and they make them with just about anything (pork, ham, beef, chicken). Haven’t found goat meat yet though.

On the way back from Tulum, I stopped in Akumal to pick up my weekly laundry. As I passed the lavanderia, I stopped to check what time they opened up again on their overhead sign. Three women were also standing there gazing at the sign, I think trying to read the Spanish. Anyway, they were unaware I had come up behind them at that time. Just as I arrive I heard what seemed to be a familiar sound and one of the women exclaims “Rita, you pig!” as she turned around and saw me standing there. I wasn’t sure what to do at that point, so I just grinned and moved quickly down the sidewalk. Rita probably had been enjoying too many bean tacos?

Luego mi Amigos!

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  1. Pat Souza says:

    Sounds like a very interesting day!! We have a peacock that travels around our area and I’m very glad that the dogs don’t let him get too close. I don’t like their call either and they poop all over the place ugh!! Have a good weekend cuz… love you lots!!

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