Been off the radar a little bit, but not to worry. I’ve kept busy by doing some reading, studying, snorkeling, cooling off in a cenote, and lounging poolside. Oh, and throw in a couple of siestas too.

Nothing earth shattering to report. The weather has been fantastic. An occasional brief shower occurs, but I’ve been lucky not to get caught out in them. I have notice a slight uptick in high temperatures during the day. We’ve seen highs at 86 and 87 degrees. Still comfortable, but I run around in a bathing suit most days. One day I saw the temperature rise to 86 in the morning, then the sea breezes cooled it back to 84 in the afternoon. Nights are generally upper 60’s low 70’s. I haven’t had the windows shut except once during a storm since I’ve been here.

Just got done with lunch. Cold cut sandwich. Mexico has great delis and bakeries. I noticed that the deli personnel take the time to individually separate the cheese slices using a large sheet of plastic and folding it over and over so the slices don’t stick together. Very nice touch but labor intensive.

As a result of my exterminator activities, spraying the casita with Home Defense, I have woken up to find several expired critters. Mostly spiders and centipedes, but one chameleon did get into it too. Now the lizards are different story. I have been finding these white tips droppings under the thatched roof area of the casita. At first I thought it was cockroaches, but after some internet research, I’ve learned that the culprit are the lizards living in the thatch roof. Apparently, lizards have one hole to release bodily waste from, thus the two color droppings. The other thing I learned from Tim, my retreat leader, is that the clucking sounds I frequently hear are from them. Tim did a great job of demonstrating what they sound like so I could immediately tell he knew what I was talking about. The only redeeming value of these critters are that they eat insects like mosquitoes. Speaking of mosquitoes, they seem to be small down here, making them difficult to spot. I just hate it when I turn out the light at bedtime only to hear that distinctive buzz going past your ear. I’ve turn the light back on several times trying to locate them, but never being able to find the little bastards. So I go to sleep knowing I’ll likely wake up with a new itchy bite.

A little excitement at the ol Rancho this afternoon! Went to do dishes and no water pressure at all. It is well fed and I didn’t know what to think. I immediately went out to check on any shutoff valves being mispositioned, but that wasn’t plausible since I and the pool guy were the only ones here today. I walked by the cistern tank and could hear it filling, then walked by the well pump and it was running full bore. Next I went out to the pool and saw it was about to overfill. For the life of me I couldn’t find the fill shutoff valve, so I rushed over to the property manager’s place to let him know of the situation. It’s always tentative going over there because he’s got two big Dobermans that immediately start barking and approaching. So far, they’ve only barked at me and not snarled. He did say I should probably wait outside the gate for someone to come because they’ve bitten before. Anyway he sent the pool guy back over and all he did was turn off the fill valve and open the backwash to drain down the pool. Everything is back to normal. Pool guy probably got his ass chewed out.

Nobody has eaten that damn rooster yet. 5:30 am this morning before the break of light.


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