Not much going on this weekend so I decided to help out the owners by spiffing up the ol Rancho a bit. I noticed the gardener they hired just swept out the garage and raked up some leaves from the stone walking paths. I could see a lot more was needed in the landscaping area, so I spent the weekend trimming, pruning, raking, and cleaning of the outside areas. I also found some Home Defense bug spray in the garage which I used liberally in and around the casita where I’m staying. I think the owners probably don’t realize how abandoned the place looks to prospective buyers. So hopefully, I changed that over the weekend. There is more to do but spending just this weekend on these activities should make a better impression for the next showing.

I noticed involving water is that I have developed two new daily habits;

  1. Making ice. Miss the ice makers I’ve had in the US.  Anyway, with just two trays I’ve got to do this daily to keep up with my ice consumption.
  2. Grabbing a cup of drinking water before going into the bathroom to get cleaned up for the day.  I first use it to rinse after brushing and then as rinse water for cleaning my hard contact lenses.

How about that Superbowl game! I went into town to watch it at my favorite hang out, Turtle Bay Cafe.  No big screen TV’s but two 36 inch one side by side. Most of the attendees were for San Francisco. A couple of Mexican girls were playing cheerleaders very loudly I might add. The owner who is American was continually asking one of them to quiet down. I don’t believe they were there for the game but to drink and go crazy. At half time, one of them gets up on the bar and does some dancing and strutting.

Pretty funny. Any way as the game went on they seemed to quiet down, too drunk to cheer any more. Anyway, great game even with the 35 minute power outage delay.

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