Warm day today early, 84 degrees at 9:30 am but the breezes have started up pretty strong so time to get the bed sheets out on the clothesline this morning. The rest of the day was pretty non-eventful. Just as well after that stressful day, yesterday at the topless beach. I did spend some time actually looking around this place and realized Mexico doesn’t have any electrical code enforcement as evidenced by the following examples;

The main tie in to the meter box.
Electrical connection
Tie in to feed the A/C unit in casita.
A/C Tie in
Conduit to the garage lighting.
Conduit broken

Later that day, while soaking in the pool, it finally occurred to me why the pool bottom has such an irregular bottom. It was built to be similar to a cenote! I was only able to deduce this after having visited a cenote personally. So it’s a private man made cenote without the fish, algae, and mossy stone.

After getting out of the pool I realized I still had my money clip in my swim trunks. Wet money. So while laying the various notes out to dry, I discovered one note was impervious to water.

Wet dinero, plastic money

Turns out that the $20 and $50 pesos bills are made of mylar plastic. Plastic money? Guess it goes along with plastic credit and debit cards. Plus you can get it wet and dry it off very easily. I would guess it’s much cleaner without dirt and drugs caught in the paper fibers. I think the US ought to try plastic money or maybe just eliminate physical bills and coins and go straight to digital. Just a thought!

The next day I ran into town (Akumal) for some breakfast and to drop off laundry, but ran into Russ the Realtor, the one who has the listing for Rancho Amor, where I am staying. We had a lengthy conversation about possible reasons why the place wasn’t selling and other things about Mexico. Turns out he’s been living down here for 10 years and said he’s not learned the language either. He’s got an ocean view house and his office is right on the beach between two popular restaurants. He said most people buy in this area for the beaches and are not particularly interested in jungle living, but he qualified that there are some who enjoy the privacy. We both agreed the place needs some general upkeep, since it’s obvious that it’s been unoccupied for some time. I told him I may suggest some things to the owner to help out with appearances in order to get a sale.

During breakfast (breakfast burrito w/fresh squeezed carrot juice), I naturally took advantage of the free wifi. Looks like I’ll be going to Playa del Carmen tomorrow to get more Gigabits of bandwidth, just about out. It seems I use about 3 gigabits every two weeks costing $400 pesos (about $31 US). I’ve been constraining my use by reading email off line and not doing as much video stuff.

While finishing my meal I noticed a woman at the table next to me using her phone doing texting rather furiously. A few minutes later, she bursts out crying! This went on for a while in between some more texting. I thought about approaching her to see if she needed help, but it was obvious she was more of the Spanish persuasion and likely didn’t speak English. I figured it was all she needed was for some stupid gringo butting in during her despair. She eventually got control of herself and left. Right after that it started to pour rain and I was stuck in the cafe for a little while longer. The rain did bring some cooler breezes. When I got back at the Rancho it was only 76 degrees. Very comfortable, looks like we’re going to be overcast for the day so I spent most of the day reading. Nothing too exciting.



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    • David Meier says:

      Christopher, I certainly didn’t know until I got here and started using dinero. I must say that whatever plastic they are using it is tough as nails and stays pretty “crisp” all the time. Wouldn’t it be great if they were using recycled plastic! I doubt it though.

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