Today is off to a great start and I felt a little road trip was in order. Decided to travel down to Tulum. I took off in great weather and excited to see what was there. I knew that since it was a Saturday the town itself was probably going to be busy, so I decided to drive the coast line and went so far on that road I ended at Siam Ka’an bio-reserve. I had known about this place and really didn’t know what to expect. The limestone road into the park of course was full of potholes and washouts. I couldn’t see through the jungle to the beach area and I was very surprised to see residences along the beach side of the road. Most were fenced/walled off affording no view at all. I finally came to an opening to the beach where the road veered toward it. What a sight. I jumped out and took a few photos. The houses in this area were obviously off the grid indicated by the multiple wind turbines at each home. I went in further to the preserve and stopped at the 7 km mark seeing an opportunity to jump out and walk the beach. It was deserted except for an older couple strolling and looking for a place to have lunch I think. I haven’t walked a beach in sometime so I took the opportunity to make it a trek. Ended up walking another two kilometers or so. Didn’t really get too far front people as there were still residences along the beach. Some of them had lights out probably to help find their way back after dark. I probably could have kept going further into the jungle but decided against it. The likelihood of spotting some wild animal was remote so I turned back toward town. The beach in that area was really something to see and my photos don’t do it any justice. One thing that bothered me was the amount of plastic trash that is on the shores. Property owners clear their portion of the beach, but it’s really incredible what has washed on shore. We really need to be using biodegradable plastics in our lives. Yucatan, beaches, Tulum, travel, expatYucatan, Saan Kaan, Tulum, travel, beachesYucatan, Mexico, Tulum, beaches, travel, expatYucatan, Mexico, Saan Kaan, Tulum, beaches, travel, expatYucatan, Mexico, Tulum, travel,beaches, expat I traveled north along the coast and ran into some public beach areas.   I spotted a parking spot and decided to get out to take a few pictures. Yucatan, Mexico, Tulum, traveler, beaches, expat Then I continued North until I ran into the entrance of the Inah Aztec ruins site. I forgot to turn my camera off and the battery was drained so I was forced to take the ruins photos with my iPod camera. I took so many I have posted the majority on Picasa, but here are a few of the best. Yucatan, Tulum, ruins, travel, expat Yucatan, Mexico, Tulum, travel, ruins Yucatan, Mexico, Tulum, travel, ruins photo (9) After touring the ruins until late afternoon, I called it a day. Great day that it was. Saw a lot of incredible things. Maybe next time I get to Tulum, I’ll actually go into the town.

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