I’m almost thinking a monsoon has started here. It’s been raining steady since 8:00 pm last night and it doesn’t look like any let up in sight. Guess I’ll stay hunkered down in the hut and hope this thatch roof doesn’t start leaking. Reading and writing today and maybe a venture into Puerto Adventuras for a haircut. Should be an experience since I haven’t got the language skills to explain what I want.

Well the monsoon stopped and a little sun is peeking out. 1:30 pm so I’m heading into town for a haircut. Wish me luck.

I  got the haircut, but I got a new look to go along with it I guess.  It was a struggle to tell the stylist  I just wanted a trim.  He grabbed a magazine and thumbed through it then points to a kid with a spiky messed up top, but the length looked good. So I said “Si”. Yep I got a new do!

Stopped at the grocery store and decided to treat myself to some fresh bread. The bakeries here in Mexico are just awesome. They put the baked goods out on racks for cooling I guess. All the staff, are clothed in white with hair nets and surgical masks on. You grab an aluminum pizza pie pan and some metal tongs and just walk around picking out what you want. Then you go to the bagging and weighing station, where they package it for you and put a price tag on the item. I can buy two small loaves of multigrain bread for about $2 US. Plus they make all kinds of pastries to tempt you with.

Anyway after that haircut, I just couldn’t go home without showing it off, so I went into Akumal to the cafe for a ice tea and some internet wifi time. Once done with that, I headed over to the beach and sat at the bar for a beer while watching the end of day beach goers.

Yucatan, Akumal, Mexico, beaches, travel, expat IMGP0251 IMGP0252

Pretty nice scenery and I found out the has wifi also.  I just had to connect with their password so now I’ve got three free hotspot in town I could use.  Nice to have back up connections if need.
Until next time!



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