Can’t believe it’s been two weeks already. Today was another typical start with great weather. Laundry day today – bed sheets and towels. Going to try the local laundress for the rest.

Ran into these things under the thatch eves of the casita.

nomad, retiree, wasps

Not sure what they are but look like hornets nests. Think I’ll leave them alone.

The rest of the day was uneventful with lots of reading and some writing done. The one exception was at visit from a Realtor with a young Italian couple in tow. I had just locked the gate for the evening at about 4 pm when I heard a vehicle pull up and someone trying desperately to get in. I unlocked the gate again to be greeted by the Realtor and his big white Humvee. Based on seeing and driving some of the roads around here that would be my vehicle of choice too. They came in and looked the place over while I was working on the laptop. Took some pictures and off they went. I did learn where the Realtors office is (right on the Akumal beach) so I could stop in and see what real estate is going for.
I overheard a comment from the couple looking at this Rancho that it appears that someone hasn’t been occupying the place for some time. I have to agree with them, the landscaping needs some attention and a general cleanup needs to happen. Doubt that it will happen though.

The next day I noticed coughing has left enough to attempt some snorkeling. First I thought I’d drop off some laundry at the local laundress in Akumal, stop at the dive shop to see if they had a water proof case for my camera, and stop in at Turtle Bay Cafe and take advantage of their free wifi.

After dropping off my laundry and collecting my claim ticket, I had no luck at the dive shop for a water proof case. Just a little leery about taking my only camera into the water even though it’s rated for up to 33 ft. The access hatches to the battery and connections just don’t seem overly water tight. Think I’ll forgo taking underwater pictures for now. Maybe I’ll search Google later to see if anyone has reported leaking.

At Turtle Bay Cafe, I ended up ordering the Expatriate breakfast (2 eggs, sausage, and hash browns with toast). One thing I’ve noticed about the eggs down here is that the yolks are a deep yellow almost orange in color. I’ve read somewhere that it is a sign of a healthier egg. Not sure but I’ll go with it. Also they do not refrigerate their eggs in the stores and you can’t buy just a dozen. The least I’ve found is 18. Most of the crates were filled with 2 dozen like you see in the US around Easter. They must eat a lot of eggs here. After almost two hours of internet time, I decided I better get to snorkeling.

OMG if you’ve ever wondered what it is like swimming in an aquarium, this is the place to find out. I only wish I had a camera to show what it was like. The water was clear to the bottom and the deepest I ever got was about 10 ft. Any deeper you ended up out where the waves were breaking and it was rough snorkeling. The best I can do is provide some stock photos off the internet of what I saw today.
tropical fish

tropical fish

sea turtle, tortuga

One of the most intense moments occurred when I was three foot away from a sting ray that had about a two and half foot tail. I had visions of that thing reaching up and stinging me much like what happened to the “Crocodile Man”, Steve Irwin. Anyway I was able to move away and all ended well.

One other thing that happened while I was over a school of thousands of 6 inch long fish that moved in unison to every perceived threat. I was startled when I heard a crash in the water about 8 feet from me and saw something in the sea foam but couldn’t make out what it was. I quickly picked up my head out of the water looking around thinking someone was shooting off cannon balls. Then when I turned back to where the “cannon ball” struck, I saw what it was after all. A hungry pelican. I have often observed them feeding from above the water, but never experienced or observed them from underneath. The poor fish likely didn’t even see it coming. I know I didn’t.


I ended the day with a meal of lionfish again at Gynn AK’s place. Had the fillet and it was excellent. Too bad the lionfish isn’t commercially fished to control it’s numbers to preserve the other reef fishes.



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