It is amazing how quickly it heats up here in the mornings after sunrise. 10 degrees in an hour. Low of 66 overnight to 76 degrees by 8:45 am. I’ve never seen highs above 84 degrees so far. It’s pleasant because as it heats up the breezes start and make it seem much cooler. Now mind you, I’m talking in the shade. Backpacking in the sun is a different story. Also I haven’t had to turn the A/C on since arriving. Which is good since electric rates are high here as I understand it.

This morning I woke up with some sort of bug bites I didn’t go to bed with. They don’t seem to be mosquito bites as they are more like angry welts and itch incessantly. Hydrocortisone cream doesn’t even seem to help. Think I’ll wash the bed sheets tomorrow.

It is was quiet Sunday, so I decided to go to Akumal to the cafe and get on wifi, but before I could go, I once more I had to back the batmobile out and hose it off. More bat shit!  I won’t be parking it in that spot again. I left the complex and was about to head out of the development before the last turn and spotted this fellow.

iguana, Yucatan, nomad, nomadic

He didn’t hang around to see what I was going to do and ran off to perch on a nearby wall top. It’s amazing how quickly they can move those lizard legs! I didn’t get a picture of his buddy that he was crossing the road with. He was already gone! After rolling into town and finding a lucky parking space, I was strolling toward the cafe and spotted this guy.

iguana, Yucatan, nomad, nomadic

They must be all out for the day, because this is the first time I’ve seen any since arriving here in the Yucatan.

What luck at the Turtle Bay cafe they’ve got the San Francisco vs Atlanta game playing. Saw a number of other expats watching too. Plus free wifi. Needless to say I parked here for a while. After the second Dos Equis, time to visit the banos. Was just finishing up washing my hands when a little old lady appears and says you’re in the wrong bathroom! I was confused because I was sure I saw the stick picture of the lady on the door right next to it. Had I known the spanish word “mujer”, I would have recognized it as a second ladies banos. The gentleman’s room was around the corner. I use it later and found it to be the nicest one since arriving in Mexico with all tile and marble with real urinals.

Later there was a gringo that came by and offered another beer and I’m assuming he’s the owner. I’ll have to find out later when I’m not too engrossed in the game. San Fran to the Super Bowl. Off to check out the beach across the street. It was late afternoon and a lot of families were coming off the beach. I think I’ll wait til a weekday to come try some snorkeling.

Later that evening, I went on a bat hunt and successfully spotted a half dozen inside the palapa garage. They don’t care for a flashlight shining on them as they scattered but obviously came back by the evidence the next morning.

Quiet Sunday. 


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