We’re back on track again weather wise. Woke to a gorgeous day of sunshine, mild breezes, and temperatures in the 70’s. Probably should explore some today, but first a dip in the pool. Just saw the water delivery guys go by. They are a lot earlier this week. Better note that for the next time I need water. I’m set for a few weeks though.

What a difference one day of lower temps makes in pool temperatures! Chilly 77 degree pool water today. It has been 84 degrees.

Decided to go into Akumal for some lunch and check out the shops a little closer. When I went into the palapa garage to get into the Blazer, I noticed some obvious droppings on the concert floor. I looked over to the hood and roof of the Blazer and it looked like the bats had a Friday night party in there, Bat shit all over the Blazer and these little green fruits half eaten. The windshield was covered in urine and feces. Anyway after a few choice words, I backed it out to try and hose it off. Well with such low water pressure it didn’t do much good. I looked for something to scrub with and could only come up with an old straw broom which did the job. So the Batmobile was ready to roll.

Off to Akumal, I went. Once in town it is only a 5 to 10 mile an hour clip. I rolled through the pueblo side of town first and located a fruit and veggie vendor I could use. Also took a couple of pictures for reference.

IMGP0232 IMGP0233

I decided to explore the far end of the tourist side of Akumal and found what appears to be a private lagoon for snorkeling. I’ll have to come back for that.

For lunch I stopped at this unique looking place.


I was surprised on enter that the bar had swings for bar stools and sand for the floor. I looked for a water view table and was able to find one last one open on the far side. These are some of the views from the table.

IMGP0241 IMGP0234

I ordered my first Mexican burrito and what a big meal it was. I skipped dinner after consuming it all!


Notice I’m not drinking the water!

After lunch, even draining the lizard in a Mexican urinal is an experience!


I’m just not sure what the intent is here.  Are you supposed to shower off the lizard when done?

Before leaving town, I was able to find a free parking spot and took the opportunity to walk off lunch by strolling the shop area. I found an other laundry that posted their prices at $20 pesos per kilogram for wash, dry, and fold. So that is roughly $1.50 for two lbs. of dirty clothes to clean clothes. Think I might be back for that. Further down the street I also found a cafe that advertised free wifi. I’ll have to take advantage of that also. Even further, I saw a lot of people going down this crushed limestone path that I couldn’t see where it lead. After following it, I found the public beach, I didn’t know was there. Also looked like a great place to snorkel.


I have driven by this at least half a dozen times and didn’t spot it. Glad I decided to take a walk after that great lunch.

Hasta la vista!

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