It’s just been a little over a week since I’ve landed in the jungles of the Yucatan and I’ve seemed to have brought a cold with me. I woke up still feeling under the weather today, so decided to stay at the compound for the day. Nothing exciting happened and I spent the day reading, writing, and trying to practice a little Spanish.

The next day, I felt a little better and decided to drive into the nearest town, Akumal. I planned on having lunch at the Gynn AK, the restaurant I happened upon the other day. Also wanted to see the beach and maybe snorkel if I felt up to it.

As I was leaving and approached the gate, I heard a tapping coming from the other side. It turned out to be the maid trying to get my attention. I had no idea when she was coming by and things are a little complicated with the gate. It can be locked from the outside with a padlock, but once you are inside the only way to keep people out is to pin the bottom of the swinging gates. So that’s what I’ve been doing and apparently the maid and the pool guy have had difficulty getting access when I am at home. There is a pass thru door on the gate but it’s locked and I don’t have the key. So I guess I’ll have to remember to unpin the gate every morning during the week days when I’m at home. Once I’m out and gone I just padlock the gate and I assume the pool guy and maid go to the property manager’s office for the access key. Just guessing. I’ll probably speak to the property manager about it sometime when I’m over there.

Anyway off to Akumal. As I mentioned before the streets are a bit of a challenge, speed bumps and pot holes. Just hope this old Chevy SUV I’m driving holds up. Parking is also an issue on the beach side of town. Just two small public lots near the conglomeration of tourist shops when you first enter. The road does continue beyond this area to enter a condo/residential area with occasional shops and restaurants. This is where I’m heading. Once I get to Gynn AK restaurant, no parking. They only have three spaces! So I pull into what I think is an apartment building designated parking, hoping no one complains.

Inside the restaurant, I’m greeted by the waiter who I think is Mayan base on the round shape of his face and the ability to speak English. This is the difference, I was told, between Spanish decent Mexicans and Mayans. Mexicans typically only speak Spanish. Anyway, ordered the lime cilantro lion fish tacos. While waiting I noticed reading materials about the lion fish and the chef, Gynna. I guess this aquarium species has become quite a problem since getting into the western waters from North Carolina to Brazil. Apparently, eating up all the reef fish. Plus there is no natural predator in these water. Except man. The chef is trying to have an impact on their population by spearing them and serving them to us Gringos. Lunch came and it was delicious. To me it tasted like tilapia.


I got a chance to speak to chef Gynna and ask her if she had ever been stung by one of the lion fish and how many at a time is she able to spear. She’s been stung several occasions. She said for her it’s like a horse fly bite now. Most of the time on her legs. She believes she’s become a little immune to their sting. Others have been stung and they go on and on about how painful it is. It’s not fatal unless you’ve got some sort of allergy. She said she typically gets any where from 8 to 15 fish at a time on her dives. After that she tried to get me to buy a t-shirt. Told her next time. She’s got a video you can watch on Youtube. Check it out by clicking here.

I’ll probably go back again to try some of her Thia Mex Fusion food. She studied Thailand food and cooking for three years and found there are similarities between the two countries cooking style. She has blended the styles to come up with new dishes. Interesting.

Once I finished lunch I back tracked a bit based on Gynna’s advice to get on the beach. Public access is hard to find and she said the locals want to keep it that way. Probably along with the limited parking. Any way able to get on the beach and is was very scenic.

Akumal BayAkumal Bay, Quintana Roo

Decided to take a walk on the beach and forgo the snorkeling for now. Disappointed to find this.

Trash and plastic on Akumal beach

Not many sunbathers, some of the locals were napping on the beach or having some lunch. I did find a piece of beachfront property that could be purchased at a discount. It’s the only one I saw for sale.

Akumal Beach front property

After leaving the beach, I thought I’d see what the town looked like on the other side of the highway in the pueblo part of the town. I did spot a laundry that may come in handy. Look like they charge by the kilogram.

Anyway back to the old Rancho. Maid did a good job and the pool guy left the waterfall running for a late afternoon dip.

Reflections:  Found a great outdoor dining restaurant in Gynn AK serving exotic dishes.  Akumal Bay is gorgeous with the exception of a bit of washed up trash and plastic.  The only available property appeared to be a fixer upper, probably damaged by a hurricane years ago. 

Hasta la vista. (Until next time.)


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